Re: Draft finding - "Transitioning the Web to HTTPS"

Eric J. Bowman wrote:
> Chris Palmer wrote:
> >
> > If y'all could take me off the CC list, that'd be sweet. I quit the
> > list weeks ago.
> > 
> Sorry, Chris, but I won't do that. I don't pry into who's who who
> posts here, so I had no clue who you were until a few days ago. But
> if your title is "Web security researcher" for Google, then you don't
> have the luxury of unsubscribing to this list.
> Because in the wake of "Superfish" the very arguments you and I had,
> to which your response was unsubscribing here, show that I'm not some
> idiot you can just put on ignore. Sorry, dude, but going back through
> our conversations in this thread, you're the one who comes across as
> being ignorant of reality, not me.

To which I, and not the list, received an AFK 'til March 30 response.


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