Re: The ability to automatically upgrade a reference to HTTPS from HTTP

On 24 Aug 2014, at 1:01 pm, Tim Berners-Lee <> wrote:

> I wonder what stage SNI adoption is at.

Getting better; the major problems are Android 2.2 and IE6 on WinXP IIRC; they're not going to change anytime soon, but they will reduce gradually over time.

Note that one of the use cases for Alt-Svc is to segment SNI from non-SNI supporting clients, so you can reduce IP consumption:

See also:
for some non-browser clients that don't support SNI (I should re-run that; I know that a few e.g. Yandex now do send SNI).

One of the biggest holdouts is Python 2.x, unfortunately, and it's not yet clear when it'll be updated (although it does appear in-scope for PEP 466).


Mark Nottingham

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