Re: Digital Textbooks and Locally-stored Student and Educational Data

Traced Adam to some blogs


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cognitive linguistics,
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Adam had a few other interactions in the recent past with mailing
lists, one back in April on "Interpretive Argumentation."

Adam has no photo on Linked In and the blog (the way it reads) looks like
it could have been generated by some software.

Having said that, I leave the door open to the possibility of a cognitive
condition that I'm not aware of that mimics some of the AI bots designed
for public discourse and blogging. Or it could be a combination of manual
editing and a bot being tested. No idea.

But seriously, no one wants to see it be done on the TAG or W3 lists. The
web has enough "interpretive argumentation" as is. My 2nd and last
interjection in this fascinating affair.


On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 9:23 AM, Adam Sobieski <>

>  Domenic,
> I’d like to also acknowledge the web components team and the ongoing work
> at the Web Applications Working Group (
> ,
> Dimitri Glazkov, Hayato Ito, Hajime Morrita and numerous others (
> ).
> Web components, in the context of Web-based education software, digital
> textbooks as well as encyclopedic resources, are exciting topics.
> The use cases of educational software, digital textbooks, in the standards
> processes, facilitating such discussions, broadening use cases to digital
> textbooks, are important.
> I opine that an Educational Web Activity, inclusive to the broader
> scientific community, inclusive to scientists at groups such as IMS and
> IEEE, would be more constructive, more productive, e.g. to the entirety of
> Web-based education software (
>, than the Digital
> Publishing Activity.  That scientists around the world, at AAAI,
> ACM, IEEE or IMS, would be routed to discuss all topics educational
> technological and pertinent to the Worldwide Web, W3C, with the Digital
> Publishing Activity, the Digital Publishing Interest Group having a closed
> mailing list, is a concern.
> Kind regards,
> Adam Sobieski

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