Re: Web Browser / Digital Textbook Browser as Desktop Application: Interprocess Communication, The Facilitation of Education Technology Features and Education Workflow Scenarios across Platforms

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> > Marcos,
> Thank you. Though the ideas are most probably interesting to  
> many or all of the scientists here, this might be the wrong mailing  
> list to broach such broad topics.

Yeah, this is not the list for such discussions. As you probably know, the perfect outlet for scientific/peer-reviewed research for web-related stuff is the WWW conference ( 

Have you tried publishing your ideas and research there? 

> In addition to code samples, a number of scientists are interested  
> in seeing storyboards and videos of new, innovative, educational  
> software features and I would hope we could find some ways to consider  
> facilitating such features as use cases for various Web technologies  
> discussed by many W3C groups.

That would be great and really helpful. However, they need to be in the right format for this community (i.e., in a way that is digestible to the non-scientists who work on Web standards) - otherwise, you risk, despite your good intentions and best efforts, getting an adverse reaction from the W3C community - as unfortunately happened on this list.  

When you want to propose new things for the Web - consider these examples, which have helped, or are helping, guide standardization at the W3C:


A different, yet extremely successful approach (using an explainer): 

I've got some rough notes on how one can help shape a standard (which we, at Mozilla, hope to turn into a more coherent article... it may be of help):


You might also want to watch, Domenic Denicola's talk "How to win friends and influence standards bodies": 


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