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> From: James Craig <>
>> I'd encourage the TAG to include the IndieUI Events module in this review. There are still big chunks missing, but we'd be happy to answer any questions.
> Is there any expressed implementer interest? I haven't seen anything on or

We have interest in this for WebKit b/c many custom controls (e.g. custom ARIA sliders) aren't yet accessible to touch-screen screen readers. Mozilla and Firefox OS developers have expressed interest in IndieUI Events as well. I can't speak for Chrome or IE, but both are behind the accessibility support of WebKit on OS X and Mozilla on Windows, so maybe they don't recognize this as a problem yet.

We did an initial WebKit implementation in the past that we scrapped after some significant feedback on the ED. I've asked the WebKit engineers to hold off on new implementations until we get feedback on the next heartbeat WD, which will include a few new concepts. There's enough unspecified still that implementation now may be premature. I hope to have the ED ready for a heartbeat publish in the next month or two.

The IndieUI WG has discussed a "UI action trigger" and "UI action controller" which are not yet in the ED. For example, the "UI action controller" for a custom slider would be the slider thumb, but the event receiver would be the slider itself. This allows UAs to abstract the pointer-based events more efficiently into semantic events. In particular, preventing them from firing when they are irrelevant. 


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