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> Hi Alex,
> From: Alex Russell Date: 8 April 2014 at 19:25:10
> > This is outstanding work. A few questions:
> >
> > - I don't see an example that serves the root document out of the
> > package itself (ala 209). Is there something that describes the "root
> > document" or advice about where in the package to find the requested
> > document?
> It’s mentioned in 2.2.2 Guidelines [1] for use when Installing Web
> Applications [2].
> There’s also a bit of advice about part ordering in Section 3.6.2 [3]
> which talks about putting a ‘root document’ first, and the example in
> Section 3.1 on the Package Header [4] illustrates using a config.xml file
> as the root document.

I see. Apologies for having missed that.

> But we could add an example that demonstrates it.

That would be enormously helpful. Thank you!

> > - In section 4.1, example 19 I see: scope="/" . ISTM that the "*" at the
> > end should be explicit. Also, is it possible to add multiple scopes in a
> > single declaration using a separator of some sort?
> Providing a single URL prefix in the scope is, I think, the simplest thing
> that could possibly work. There are lots of ways we could make it more
> complicated. I’m not sure what value adding ‘*’ at the end provides?
> Doesn’t it just make people think they can do '*.png’? Can you explain a
> bit more about why you think these are worth the extra complexity? Is it to
> be consistent with something else?

It'd bring us into line with the globbing syntax used by ServiceWorkers for
declaring URL scopes. They do longest-prefix-match lookup against patterns
which may end in a "*". See:

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