Next Steps on JSON + Proposed TAG Resolution

Hia folks --

Thanks for being a part of today's call.

Regarding our discussion today on JSON, which I though twas very fruitful
in terms of clarifying the positions involved: it sounds like if we want
to influence the work in IETF that is imminently going to IETF last call
that we need to move quickly. I suggest that we should do so on the basis
of a TAG resolution. In order to move quickly on this I would like to
suggest that we craft this resolution and approve it in email rather than
waiting for the next f2f.

My straw man proposed resolution is based on my suggestion which I heard
Doug Crockford also state and which also seemed to be echoed by Philippe's
comments. It would read as follows:

The TAG resolves to request that the IETF JSON working group amend the
current working draft of their JSON spec (rfc4627bis) to include a
normative reference to the appropriate ECMA published specification
(ECMA-404), and to clearly state that ECMA-404 is the authoritative
specification with regard to JSON grammar.

Any comments?  Do you think that as a group we can reach consensus on this
or a similarly worded resolution? If so then I think this could form the
basis for our collective action, including individual contributions to the
IETF working group, a more fully fleshed out TAG statement on the topic
(to be crafted in a similar manner to our other working group feedback)
and potentially a liaison communication from the W3C to IETF along these

Make sense?  Comments?

Received on Thursday, 17 October 2013 19:39:53 UTC