Re: Agenda for TAG teleconference of 16 May 2013


OK, sorry you won't make it.

Please keep in mind that the F2F agenda is yours, though I'll be glad to to 
do the clerical work typing it in this one last time, since it's quite a 

As you know, at the moment, there's almost nothing structured for the F2F 
agenda: that may be OK or even a good thing, but as of now most of the 
agenda slots would be marked TBD. There are a few days left to get me more 
details regarding both hour-by-hour slotting, and any background reading, 
cross-links to actions, etc. Then I need a few days to get a draft in. IMO, 
we should target Tues or Wed next week the latest, so anyone with concerns 
can get them addressed before traveling to London.

TAG Members: if you have things you particularly want discussed at the F2F, 
the path to getting it on the agenda is: convince Peter and Dan, then I 
type it in. So, lead times are just a bit longer than usual. We can discuss 
this afternoon.



On 5/16/2013 10:17 AM, Appelquist Daniel (UK) wrote:
> Hi Noah, Peter, Tim, et al -
> Sorry it turns out I do have to give my regrets for today - logistically I
> am just not going to be able to participate today.  Not a very auspicious
> start to my co-chairmanship I'm afraid.  I do think the issues around f2f
> planning (especially how much we pre-plan and how much we leave
> unstructured, and how we will structure the unstructured time) are key.
> Dan

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