Agenda for TAG teleconference of 16 May 2013

The agenda for the TAG teleconference of 16 May 2013 is available at [1,2] 
and in text-only form below.

Tomorrow's call will be chaired primarily by Peter Linss, with help from 
Dan Appelquist (Dan expects to be calling in from a noisy location), and 
the content of the agenda is per their requests to me. I will be on the 
call as well.

Thank you.




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                 Agenda of 16 May 2013 TAG Teleconference

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    [8]issues list - [9]open actions - [10]pending review actions -
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     1. Convene
           + Chair: Noah Mendelsohn, Scribe: Yehuda Katz
           + Regrets: None
           + Future regrets: None
           + Agenda Review - [13]this agenda
           + Next Meeting: 23 May 2013 (?), Chairs: Noah Mendelsohn
             & Peter Linss
           + Future scribes: Yehuda Katz -> Henry Thompson -> Jeni
     2. Announcements
           + Per request of TAG members, we are experimenting with
             holding TAG calls every two weeks
           + An experimental feed for the TAG's meeting calendar is
             now available at
             The chair has had success suscribing from his Google
             Calendar. Many thanks to Peter Linss for setting up
             the CalDAV server that backs this up.
           + Reminder: F2F is 29-31 May in London, UK at Mozilla
             offices -- see [15]TAG F2F Admin and Logistics below
     3. Approve minutes of prior meeting(s)
           + [16]18 April 2012 (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
           + [17]2 May 2012
     4. Administrative items
           + We have announced, with great regret, the resignation
             of Marcos Caceres from the TAG (due to the prohibition
             on having two members from the same employer). We
             should discuss any questions relating to Marcos'
           + Decide whether to have a call on 23 May 2013
           + Consider possibility of moving some TAG collaboration
             to github (this will likely be discussed in detail at
             the F2F, but we'll have preliminary discussion on the
             call this week)
     5. TAG F2F Admin and Logistics
           + Evening events:
                o Wed: group dinner. Details TBA
                o Thurs: TAG/Web-standards-community meetup at
                  Mozilla following the TAG meeting. We will
                  discuss on today's call.
           + Note that our next F2F is scheduled for Cambridge, MA,
             USA 13-15 October (yes, Sunday - Tuesday)
     6. TAG F2F Agenda
           + The incoming chairs propose to use a "camp" approach
             to setting the agenda: members will arrive prepared to
             propose and prioritize topics at the meeting
           + Today we should try to pre-arrange some topics that
             members will be prepared to propose at the F2F
           + What material should TAG members read prior to the
           + Is there work that needs to be done ahead of the
     7. Pending Review Items:
           + [18]Pending review actions in [19]Tracker
     8. Overdue Action Items:
           + [20]Overdue actions in [21]Tracker
     9. Any other business


     Noah Mendelsohn for the TAG
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