Re: Precision and error handling (was URL work in HTML 5)

The fact that we can do with one tool doesn't mean it is the right tool for doing it.

Le 8 oct. 2012 à 05:54, Eric J. Bowman a écrit :
> I see no reason to re-architect my system to support
> HTML 5 -- all HTML is produced using XSLT templates, each capable of executing on the server or any capable client, so altering one .xsl file can upgrade an entire website from HTML 4 to HTML 5.

Somehow using XSLT (processing XML) for organizing HTML can do the job but has never been the right tool for doing the job. For HTML4, you might have used a modified SGML producer. It is exactly like using regex for parsing HTML. It might work in some circumstances but it will fail often. Or again using XML tools to produce/consume RDF. Not the right tools. 

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