ACTION-691 Prepare table as described in 2012-04-04 minutes, for TAG review

I've done most of what I can do on this action. The result is here:

I'll leave this out for www-tag review for a few days, then after I've
responded to comments I'll mark the action item Pending Review meaning
ready for TAG discussion.

This is a draft of a comparison of the received change proposals, so
those who have submitted proposals might want to check whether they
agree with the analysis.

The more I stare at issue-57 the more I think it is not TAG
business.  It needs to be resolved by those who have more of a stake.
However the
following are TAG business:

* Explaining why it's not TAG business
* Why transparency (documenting how things work) is important
* How to tie any desired resolution into the standards tree

I would rather focus discussion on these questions than on the use case matrix.


Received on Thursday, 26 April 2012 15:06:31 UTC