RE: Change of AC Represrnative for Vodafone

Oh, Dan -- you have been such an excellent participant, in so many ways, your absence will be keenly missed.   I hate it when people leave.  :-(  I hope we do, indeed, continue to see you around.  And presume you must have some really interesting new opportunity.

Welcome Guenter!  looking forward to meeting you.

-- Ann

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Subject: Change of AC Represrnative for Vodafone

My fellow AC representatives,

As of the end of this month, I will be stepping down as Vodafone's W3C Advisory Committee representative. After 10 years at Vodafone, and 7 years representing Vodafone in the W3C, I am moving on to a new opportunity.

Replacing me as AC rep for Vodafone will be Guenter Klas. A long-time colleague, Guenter is head of Internet Standards for Vodafone and is already known to many of you. He comes to the role at a very exciting time for the Web, especially regarding the emergence of the Web on mobile platforms and devices.

Guenter has many years of experience in the mobile telecoms industry and witnessed the challenges of innovation in various functions. His team has been involved in a variety of specification work in several additional organisations besides W3C, overall in areas as diverse as device and network APIs, device and software management, messaging, mobile web, runtimes and browsers, NFC, payment, advertising, solutions for vertical industries and others.

I've been privileged to be a part of this community and to be a part of such activities as the Mobile Web Initiative, the Mobile Web Best Practices, the Social Web Incubator, the Geolocation working group, WebApps, Device APIs, many many workshops, and of course the TAG, where I have been immensely grateful to have been elected by you in 2009. Thank you all for your great support over the years. Although I won't be playing such a direct role in w3c activities in my new position, I am sure you will continue to see me around.

Regarding my participation in the TAG, I would like say a special thank you to Tim, Noah and all the members of the TAG. It's been an immense honor to be able to serve in this body. It is clear to me that the TAG plays a vital role in the W3C and in the larger standards ecosystem. I very much encourage you to put forward candidates for the current election cycle (for which the nomination period closes at the end of the month). I am more than happy to answer any questions on the TAG or you can talk to Noah Mendelsohn.

I ask you all to welcome Guenter into the AC and I know you show him the same warm reception you've shown me.

Daniel Appelquist

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