Re: Web browsers should preserve the file system Last-Modified time of downloaded files

TAG Members:

On 11/4/2011 7:18 PM, Brolin Empey wrote:
> I have already contacted timbl and amy (in CC above) about this subject
> because I wanted timblís personal opinion, but timbl referred me to this list.

I would welcome some guidance from other TAG members on how you'd like to 
proceed with this. For now, I would prefer to see if we can make progress 
in e-mail, with the goal of deciding either that this is a request that the 
TAG should explore in detail, or else either that we feel there is not 
sufficient technical merit, or that there is some other group that would be 
more appropriate to engage (it occurs to me that the HTML WG is specifying 
quite a bit of user-agent behavior, and that may be as close as we have 
right now to a user-agent working group).

If other members of the TAG request, I will schedule teleconference time 
for this at a later date. Thank you.


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