Re: URL/URI/IRI resolution in HTML5/RDF/RDFa

On 2011-11-02 16:01, Jeni Tennison wrote:
> Hi,
> Something has come up in the discussions around microdata and RDFa that points to some wider issues around IRIs. I know that the TAG has discussed issues around IRI equivalence, IRIs and HTML and so on before, and I can't claim to have explored every angle here, so I wondered if anyone else had any opinions on it and what we should do.
> The tl;dr version is that HTML5's rules around URL processing don't handle IRIs in the same way as RDFa's which could make for weird results for users in corner cases right now and rather larger issues with non-URI IRIs in the future.
> Fuller explanation follows.
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Two comments:

1) I think it's a known issue in HTML that when ISSUE-56 was "resolved", 
the text being re-added was something nobody likes, and which is known 
to be defective. It's certainly something that needs to be fixed.

2) "\" and "/":

2a) The uniform treatment of "\" hasn't agreement; for instance, Firefox 
does it only for file URIs (as far as I recall).

2b) That being said, "\" doesn't appear in syntactically valid URIs or 
IRIs anyway, so maybe we can ignore the question; it won't affect any 
valid URI/IRI anyway.

Best regards, Julian

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