Reminder to TAG members: please include text-only form of draft minutes in announcement email

TAG members,

We've heard from the community over the years that it's valuable to have in 
the email archives text-only versions of our agendas and minutes. Among the 
reasons is that it facilitates access for some users who use accessibility 
tools, and that it's the only form that's searchable using W3C's email 
archive search.

After some debate awhile ago, we decided [1] that the responsibility for 
providing text-only minutes falls to the scribe, typically when announcing 
the availability of draft minutes. This is called out in the Guide to TAG 
Participation at [2], which also points out that you can get the text by 
appending the strong ",text" to the URI for the minutes, then copy the 
result into your announcement email.

So, if you're scribing for weekly telcons, please be sure this gets done. I 
take care of it for all agendas, and for integrated F2F minutes.

Thank you.



Received on Wednesday, 23 March 2011 15:35:16 UTC