Comments on slides for the IETF Mtg


Thank you for posting the draft minutes of the 17 March telcon. Not having 
been there, I'm now reviewing your IETF slides [1].  In slide 2 you have:

The TAG was established eight years ago to pick up and broaden this task

     * Identify and promote core principles of Web Architecture
     * Look backwards at what has made the Web succeed
     * And forwards to what must be done to protect that success
     * While embracing as much as possible that emerges

True informally, but the TAG charter says [2]:

The mission of the TAG is stewardship of the Web architecture. There are 
three aspects to this mission:

     * to document and build consensus around
       principles of Web architecture and to
       interpret and clarify these principles when
     * to resolve issues involving general Web
       architecture brought to the TAG;
     * to help coordinate cross-technology
       *architecture developments inside and outside W3C.

It might be worth quoting those exactly, but even if not, I think it's 
worth pointing out the formal mandate of the TAG to coordinate outside of 
the W3C, I.e. including with IETF.

I also think that, instead of listing me as:

     * Noah Mendelsohn (retired, ex-IBM) (chair)

it would be better to take your choice of:

     * Noah Mendelsohn (chair)
     * Noah Mendelsohn (independent) (chair)
     * Noah Mendelsohn (IBM Distinguished Engineer Emeritus) (chair)

In your list of "The Web works because..", I'd be tempted to add at the start:

     * Browse or crawl (I.e. GET) any resource...random exploration is 

(some people might read that into "follow your nose", but on the TAG I 
think we mean something deeper by FYN: I.e., not only can you do a get, but 
you can follow your nose to unambiguously interpret what you got back, as 
explained in Self-describing Web finding.)

Otherwise, I think the slides are generally  good, with the caveat that the 
meatier stuff at the end is important, and I'd be disappointed if too much 
time was spent on the intro slides.  Thanks!



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