ACTION-509 Communicate with RDFa WG regarding documenting the fragid / media type issue

Regarding this action, I observe the following paragraph in the latest
editor's draft of RDFa Core:


In some of the examples below we have used URIs with fragment ids that
are local to the document containing the RDFa fragments shown (e.g.,
'about="#me"'). This idiom, which is also used in RDF/XML
[RDF-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR] and other RDF serializations, gives a simple way
to 'mint' new URIs for entities described by RDFa and therefore
contributes considerably to the expressive power of RDFa. However, the
media type registrations that govern the meaning of fragment
identifiers (see section 3.5 of the URI specification [RFC3986],
[RFC3023], and [RFC2854]) have not yet caught up with this practice.
For more information about fragment identifier semantics, see
[WEBARCH] section 3.2.1.

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The WG is attempting to get to their "second last call" next week, so
any serious concerns about this text should be surfaced ASAP.


Received on Thursday, 10 March 2011 18:02:00 UTC