Re: ACTION-534 Create issue page relating to Harry Halpin's concerns about 200/303 responses

I'd like to change reference [7] in my proposal. The following one is
more informative, and it happens to also be the one that I've used in
previous discussions of this topic. (So I just want to replace one
message from Harry with another one from him.)


On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 8:29 PM, Jonathan Rees <> wrote:
> Proposal: Use ISSUE-57 instead of creating a new issue, but modify its
>    title to match its description and its origins (Giovanni's email).
> Current title: "The use of HTTP Redirection"
> Change to: "Mechanisms for obtaining information about the intended
>                 meaning of a given URI"
>           [I've tried about 20 different versions of this title and
>           am not happy with any of them. There are several things
>           wrong with this one. But I see no reason to be
>           perfectionist about this; we only need an issue title that
>           doesn't presuppose a particular solution, scheme, or protocol.]
>           [If you don't like this wording please let's work on it before
>           the telcon - working out consensus wording live
>           will take forever.]
> Append to the description:
>        "On its 2011-dd-dd telcon [6] the TAG noted that members of
>        the community (e.g. in [7]) report that the performance
>        characteristics and deployment complexity of using 303
>        redirects leave them feeling that they have little option but
>        to use 200 responses for this purpose, at variance with the
>        TAG's httpRange-14 resolution [8]."
>        [6] (TBD)
>        [7]
>        [8]
> Also remove Stuart's signature from the description as only some of the
> text is attributable to him, even as it stands.  (Sorry Stuart.)
> My apologies for bouncing around a bit on this one.  I had previously
> overlooked ISSUE-57 because of its title.  If its title is changed, as
> it should be in any case, then I believe this issue
> will be an appropriate place to track further work.
> Jonathan
> cf.

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