Re: [Bug 13100] TAG issue on HTML+RDFa and Microdata last call drafts

On 7/18/2011 6:27 PM, Paul Cotton wrote:
> This effectively means that you have until Jan 14, 2012 to convert any Last Call bug into an Issue as per the WG's escalation path of its Decision Policy:
> Please let me know if this information is clear.

Speaking for myself, as opposed to TAG as a whole: yes, it is now that you 
point it out. That said, I think all of the following are true:

* There is significant ongoing investment in use of both these 
technologies. Parallel use of them in their current forms will become more 
and more entrenched in coming weeks and months.

* We probably need to bring together quite a range of perspectives to 
validate any proposed solution (my view of why the W3C task force makes sense)

* The HTML WG is ultimately responsible for the specifications, and almost 
surely has essential expertise in crafting, or at least validating any 

Putting all that together, I think it would be desirable for the HTML WG 
members to put some energy into helping to come up with better solutions 
sooner rather than later. If raising this as an issue now will help that to 
happen, then the TAG should know that. Otherwise, it's useful to know that 
we can wait until January without tripping over process obstacles.

In general, the sentiment I heard in the TAG was to try to get everyone to 
focus on this ASAP, before the problem gets harder to solve than it already is.

Thank you.


Received on Monday, 18 July 2011 22:54:40 UTC