Re: Unified Approaches

Speaking for myself, not as chair, I share Larry's reservation that this 
sounds more ambitious than what the community is prepared to embrace at 
this point, even presuming it otherwise had merit.

That said, speaking both for myself and as chair, I don't see a link to the 
"related paper", and the proposal would be much easier to judge with that. 
Did I miss the link somewhere? Thank you.


On 7/14/2011 6:16 PM, wrote:
> There was a recent note about “a unified approach to structured data on the
> Web . . . reduce confusion in the marketplace”.This note is a query as to
> any interest in a much broader approach to reducing confusion.Some of this
> has been discussed on “xml-dev”, but with little serious interest there.
> Clearly there is a profusion of overlapping and confusing Web standards and
> candidates that could indeed use a unified approach.Not only would this
> enhance support and use of new standards in itself, but it could also
> become the basis for a significant improvement in technology for
> application development.
> What is proposed in a related paper is an approach toward use of model
> driven declarative specifications that systematically continue the
> development of XML from a document specification language to full scale
> support for application development. Among several other goals, this is
> intended to simplify development by significantly reducing the need for
> procedural code in broad classes of applications.
> Models here are application models, enhanced with generic system models for
> interactive presentation (ala HTML) along with similar models for data
> access and structures, for communications and for control frameworks.
> So - is there interest in the TAG for such a bold endeavor? If so, a
> detailed concept paper is available.
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