Re: Revised HTML/XML Task Force Report

(Warning: because this note is both a response to Larry on this thread, and 
about TAG call agendas, I've added www-tag to the cc: list. Technical 
discussion of the task force report should be on public-html-xml only. 
Thank you. Noah)

On 7/13/2011 1:28 AM, Larry Masinter wrote:
> and Noah's request that the TAG review the latest report
> and prepare for discussing the report at the next TAG teleconference
> on Thursday July 14.

I wrote (on another thread):

> We will discuss, >>at least briefly<<, on the call this week.

FYI, since Norm is continuing to work with the task force on revisions, I'm 
inclined to mention the draft in the administrative section of this week's 
call, let the discussion with Norm continue in e-mail on this list, and 
schedule more substantive TAG discussion once the next version of the 
report stabilizes. You may remember that Norm agreed to alert us when he 
thought he had something the TAG should review in detail, and he has not so 
far done that.

The TAG call looks pretty full, but that's always hard to judge, and I'll 
be glad to have more detailed discussion of the report after all if it 
fits. That seem OK? Thanks.


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