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Preliminary version of the Agenda for the TAG F2F Meeting of 8-10 February 2011

From: Noah Mendelsohn <nrm@arcanedomain.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 18:22:08 -0500
Message-ID: <4D45F2A0.7070007@arcanedomain.com>
To: "www-tag@w3.org" <www-tag@w3.org>, Norm Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>, Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>, Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org>
CC: Amy van der Hiel <amy@w3.org>
A preliminary draft of the agenda for the TAG F2F meeting of 8-10 Feb. 2011 
is now available at [1] and in text-only form below. A few notes on the 
agenda in its current form:

There are quite a few significant agenda items for which the reading 
material is not yet available.  These are marked in red, and also (for 
those with color perception problems) indicated in the text. If you are 
responsible for generating such material, please make sure it's available 
in time for TAG members to read it, and alert me immediately if you will 
not have it ready after all.

Dan Appelquist has been unavailable lately, and there are several items 
relating to his work that I would like to consider scheduling.  These 
include some or all of:

	- Widgets and offline Web apps
	- API minimization
	- Deep linking

There are a few open slots, but I may later have to bump from the agenda 
things that are tentatively scheduled if we wind up over-committed. Anyway, 
DanA: please let me know which, if any, of the above you intend to prepare 
for discussion.

TAG Members: there's a lot of detail in the draft agenda, and it's easy for 
me to make significant mistakes. Please check all of this to make sure that 
we're scheduling discussion of the things that are important, and that the 
framing of the individual sessions is appropriate.

I will continue to update the agenda in place throughout the week, but I 
will send alerts only when significant changes have been made.  Thank you.


[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/02/08-agenda

    [1]W3C | [2]TAG

       [1] http://www.w3.org/
       [2] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/

        W3C TAG meeting 8-10 February 2011 in Cambridge, MA, USA


    Nearby: [3]issues list - [4]findings - [5]www-tag archive - [6]tag
    archive - Actions: ([7]open, [8]pending review) [9]logistics

       [3] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/group/track/issues
       [4] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/findings
       [5] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-tag/
       [6] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/tag/
       [7] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/group/track/actions/open
       [8] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/group/track/actions/pendingreview
       [9] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/02/08-f2f-localarrangements.html

Agenda Summary

    Tuesday 8 February
    08:30-9:00 Arrive & Set up. Please have your computers and network
    connections set up for a prompt start at 9AM.
      * [10]Convene, review agenda

      * [11]Web Applications: Security

    10:30-10:45 Break (15 mins)
      * [12]Web Applications: Client-side state

    12:00-13:15 Lunch with W3C Team - 4th floor (75 mins)
      * [13]TBD

      [13] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/02/08-agenda

    15:15-15:30 Break (15 mins)
      * [14]Administration

    Wednesday 9 February
      * [15]HTML-XML-Divergence-67: HTML / XML Unification (with Norm

    10:30-10:50 Break (30 mins)
      * [16]TAG Priorities for 2011

    noon-13:30 Lunch (90 mins)
      * [17]HTML-XML-Divergence-67: HTML / XML Unification (with Norm

      * Break

      * [18]HTTP Semantics

      * [19]URNsAndRegistries-50: Domain name persistence and the tdb
        URI scheme

      * [20]TAG Dinner with Norm Walsh - (details and time TBD)

    Thursday 10 February
      * [21]scalabilityOfURIAccess-58: Scalability of URI Access to
        Resources (Ted Guild will join us)

      * [22]Web Applications: Client-side storage

    10:45-11:00 Break (15 mins)
      * [23]TBD

      [23] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/02/08-agenda

    noon-13:00 Lunch (60 mins)
      * [24]URNsAndRegistries-50: Registries (with Philippe le Hegaret)

      * [25]Open issue review

      * [26]TBD

      [26] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/02/08-agenda

    15:30-15:45 break (15 minutes)
      * [27]Action item review
      * Any other business



           MIT, Stata Center, 8th Floor Reading Room
           32 Vassar Street
           Cambidge, MA 02139

    See [28]logistics for further details.

      [28] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/02/08-f2f-localarrangements.html


    See "(required reading)" annotations in agenda items below.

Agenda Details

     1. Convene, review agenda
           + Scribes: TAG members are encouraged to sign up by email in
             advance of the meeting
           + Roll call
           + F2F Main Goals:
                o Focus work on HTML / XML Unification
                o Set TAG priorities and major goals for 2011
                o OTHER GOALS TO BE SUPPLIED
     2. TAG Priorities for 2011
           + Goals:
                o Identify key success criteria for TAG's work in 2011
                o Make a clearer plan for the content, form, and
                  expected date of TAG deliverables to achieve those
           + Background (these mainly relate to Web Applications, but
             our discussion or priorities will not be limited to Web
                o [29]ACTION-434: on - Daniel Appelquist - Prepare
                  discussion of structure of what we want to do about
                  web apps architecture... - Due: 2010-10-18 - CLOSED
                o May 2010 notes from DanA on ACTION-434: [30]Web
                  Application Architecture (these were prepared for the
                  June 2010 F2F)
                o Email thread beginning with: [31]Re: ACTION-434: Some
                  notes on organizing discussion on WebApps architecture
                o Email from Larry Masinter: [32]progress on web
                  applications architecture: a few thoughts
     3. [33]ISSUE-67 (HTML-XML-Divergence-67): HTML / XML Unification
           + Norm Walsh will be joining us for these sessions.
           + Goals:
                o Set goals and schedules for the HTML / XML Unification
                  effort (setting schedules may not be achievable now,
                  but we'll consider it)
                o Review task force progress
                o Look for ways in which the TAG can help this effort to
           + Background:
                o [34]ACTION-437: on - Tim Berners-Lee - Create a task
                  force on XML / HTML convergence - Due: 2011-06-01 -
                o Norm Walsh is chairing a group under the TAG's
                  auspices ([35]mailing list)
                o See also:
                     # [36]Note from T.V. Raman (3 May 2010)
                     # [37]ACTION-433: on - Tim Berners-Lee - Help Tim
                       get in touch with staff etc. re XML/HTML
                       unification - Due: 2010-05-28 - CLOSED
                     # [38]ACTION-427: on - John Kemp - Read 4
                       distributed extensibility proposals and summarize
                       them w.r.t. proposals TAG has discussed to date -
                       Due: 2010-11-01 - CLOSED
                     # Discussion on 7 June 2010 F2F: [39]"TAG
                       recommends the formation of a task force to drive
                       the reunification of XML and HTML"
                     # [40]HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines
                       (draft from HTML WG)
                     # [41]September/October 2010 HMTL WG poll on
                       distributed extensibility
                     # [42]TAG endorses "like SVG" extension mechanism
                       for HTML5
     4. [43]ISSUE-60 (webApplicationState-60): Web Applications:
        Client-side State
           + Goals:
                o Review Ashok's update to [44]15 January 2011 Draft:
                  Repurposing the Hash Sign for the New Web (The version
                  to be reviewed is not yet available.)
                o Get organized for further work in this area. TAG
                  "Product page" needed?
           + Background:
                o Required reading: Ashok promises a new draft for
                  review at the F2F. Previous draft at: [45]15 January
                  2011 Draft: Repurposing the Hash Sign for the New Web
                o [46]Discussion on 13 January 2011, [47]Discussion on
                  20 January 2011
                o [48]ACTION-481: on - Ashok Malhotra - Update
                  client-side state document with help from Raman - Due:
                  2011-03-01 - OPEN
     5. [49]ISSUE-60 (webApplicationState-60): Web Applications:
        Client-side Storage
           + Goals:
                o Review progress made since the last discussion.
                o Get organized for further work in this area. What are
                  specific goals in terms of dates and deliverables? TAG
                  "Product page" needed?
                o Currently tracking under [50]ISSUE-60, which is the
                  same one we're using for more transient client-side
                  state. Is ISSUE-60 appropriate for both?
           + Background:
                o [51]ACTION-475: on - Ashok Malhotra - Write finding on
                  client-side storage, DanA to review - Due: 2011-03-21
                  - OPEN
                o [52]ACTION-482: on - Ashok Malhotra - Write a draft on
                  client-side storage with help from DanA Due:
                  2010-11-30 - Due: 2010-10-27 - CLOSED -- it was noted
                  that this action was redundant with ACTION-475
                o [53]Client-side Storage : this version was prepared
                  for the October 2010 F2F  Required reading: Ashok
                  promises a new charts for review, and he has requested
                  F2F discussion.
     6. [54]ISSUE-58 (scalabilityOfURIAccess-58): Scalability of URI
        Access to Resources
           + Goals:
                o Review Henry's work on catalogs
                o Discuss W3C traffic patterns with Ted Guild
                o Discuss possible TAG interst in Denial of Service
                  vulnerabilities inherent in Web Architecture
                o Decide on what, if anything, TAG wants to set
                  regarding goals and schedules for continued work on
           + Background:
                o [56]ACTION-390: on - Daniel Appelquist - Review
                  ISSUE-58 and suggest next steps - Due: 2011-03-01 -
                o [57]Email from Ted Guild requesting TAG best practices
                  document "on Caching XML Schemata" (note: this email
                  was sent in July of 2007); [58]followup email from Ted
                  in 2008
                o [59]TAG Discussion of Ted's email
                o TAG minutes of 11 Feb 2011 [60]Henry Thompson
                  announces premliminary version of a catalog (I infer
                  Henry has done work since Feb, but I'm not finding the
                  reference -- Noah)
                o Denial of service attacks relating to recent Wikileaks
                  controversy suggest there are issues of Web robustness
                  that may be of interest to the TAG
     7. Web Applications: Security
           + Goals:
                o Consider John Kemp's note framing a security section
                  for the architecture of Web Applications TO BE
                o Decide who will carry forward TAG work on security,
                  given that John's term on the TAG is ending
                o Decide goals, delivery dates, and next steps for TAG
                  work on security
           + Background:
                o [61]ACTION-417: on - John Kemp - Frame section 7,
                  security - Due: 2011-01-25 - OPEN
                o See also:
                     # [62]ACTION-280: on - Dan Connolly - (with John K)
                       to enumerate some CSRF scenarios discussed in Jun
                       in Cambridge - Due: 2010-05-25 - OPEN
                     # [63]ACTION-33: on - Henry S. Thompson - revise
                       naming challenges story in response to Dec 2008
                       F2F discussion - Due: 2010-06-01 - OPEN
                     # [64]ACTION-340: on - John Kemp - summarize recent
                       discussion around XHR and UMP - Due: 2010-06-04 -
                     # [65]ACTION-344: on - Jonathan Rees - Alert TAG
                       chair when CORS and/or UMP goes to LC - Due:
                       2010-06-10 - OPEN
                     # [66]ACTION-412: on - Dan Connolly - Try the
                       clarification question, blog item, or wiki
                       approach to metadata-in-uris vs CSRF - Due:
                       2010-06-07 - CLOSED
                     # [67]ACTION-435: on - Jonathan Rees - Consult
                       Tyler Close regarding UMP-informed web storage
                       vulnerability analysis - Due: 2010-06-22 - CLOSED
                     # [68]CORS, UMP and XHR by John Kemp (required
                       reading for previous F2F)
                     # Required reading: John Kemp note framing section
                       on 7 on Web Application Security - TO BE SUPPLIED
     8. [69]Web Application Architecture: Design of APIs for Web
           + Goals:
                o Review and refine Dan Appelquists' writeup on API
                o Decide whether the TAG wants to produce a Finding on
                  Design of APIs for Web Applications
           + Background:
                o [70]ACTION-514: on - Daniel Appelquist - Draft finding
                  on API minimization Due: 2011-02-01 - Due: 2011-01-27
                  - OPEN
                o Required reading from previous F2F: [71]Dan Appelquist
                  writeup on API Design - ([72]announcement email)
                o [73]ACTION-461: on - Daniel Appelquist - Draft
                  "finding" on Web Apps API design - Due: 2010-12-31 -
     9. [74]ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections-57) and [75]ISSUE-14
        (HttpRange-14) : HTTP Semantics
           + Goals:
                o Update the TAG on progress made by the AWWSW subgroup
                o At Jonathan Rees' request, discuss issue httpRange-14
           + Background:
                o [76]ACTION-201: on - Jonathan Rees - Report on status
                  of AWWSW discussions - Due: 2011-01-25 - OPEN
                o See also: [77]ACTION-282: on - Jonathan Rees - Draft a
                  finding on metadata architecture. - Due: 2011-04-01 -
                o See also: [78]ACTION-413: on - Dan Connolly - Suggest
                  a path thru some logic terminology that might speed up
                  httpSemantics discussions - Due: 2010-05-07 - CLOSED
           + There was a request to schedule this near the
             [79]discussion of the tdb URI scheme.
    10. [80]ISSUE-50 (URNsAndRegistries-50): Domain name persistence and
        the tdb URI scheme
           + Goals:
                o Discuss [81]The 'tdb' and 'duri' URI schemes, based on
                  dated URIs
                o Decide next steps, if any, for TAG work on hyperlink
           + Background:
                o [82]ACTION-477: on - Henry S. Thompson - Organize
                  meeting on persistence of domains - Due: 2011-03-15 -
                o [83]ACTION-478: on - Jonathan Rees - Prepare a first
                  draft of a finding on persistence of references, to be
                  based on decision tree from Oct. F2F Due: 2010-01-31 -
                  Due: 2011-01-31 - OPEN
                o Required reading: Jonathan promises progress on
                  [84]ACTION-478 in advance of the meeting.
                o Required reading: [85]The 'tdb' and 'duri' URI
                  schemes, based on dated URIs
                o Required reading: [86]Persistent Reference on the Web
                  (unchanged since Oct. 2010 F2F)
                o Closed actions and previous discussion:
                     # [87]ACTION-444: on - Jonathan Rees - Draft a
                       white paper on link persistence - Due: 2010-10-11
                       - CLOSED
                     # [88]ACTION-414: on - Henry S. Thompson - Prepare
                       a draft agenda, including goals and means, for a
                       proposed afternoon session with invited guests,
                       and circulate for discussion prior to a decision,
                       on the subject of addressing the persistence of
                       domain names - Due: 2010-06-01 - CLOSED
                     # [89]June 2010 F2F discussion of domain name
                       persistence; [90]October 2010 F2F discussion of
                       domain name persistence
    11. [91]ISSUE-50 (URNsAndRegistries-50): Registries
           + Goals:
                o Consider Larry's email framing TAG work on registries
                  TO BE SUPPLIED
                o Decide next steps, if any, for TAG work on registries
           + Background:
                o [92]ACTION-511: on - Larry Masinter - Send email
                  framing TAG work on registries - Due: 2011-01-20 -
    12. Administration:
           + Welcome new TAG members
           + Approve [93]telcon minutes of 20 January 2011
           + Future TAG F2F meetings
                o Decide Spring 2011 TAG F2F location and dates
                o Early heads up: TPAC in Santa Clara, 31 Oct. - 4 Nov.
           + Group photo (we have new membership)
    13. Open issue review:
           + Goal: review our list of [94]open issues  look especially
             for issues that are open but dormant decide to assign
             resource/close/leave as background activity.
    14. Action item review:
           + [95]Pending review actions in [96]Tracker
           + [97]Overdue actions in [98]Tracker
           + [99]Open actions in [100]Tracker

      [29] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/group/track/actions/434
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     Noah Mendelsohn for the TAG
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