ACTION-641: Find the TAG's old list of issues/concerns relating to HTML5

Last week during our discussion of, it was suggested that we 
should look back at older lists of topics we discussed for HTML5, to see 
whether any that we declined to pursue then might be interesting in 
considering I took:

ACTION-641: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Try and find list of review issues 
relating to HTML5 from earlier discussions - Due: 2011-12-22 - OPEN

I do not think this note completely fulfills my action, so I am leaving it 
open, but I did find in our agenda for the Sept. 2008 meeting in Kansas 
City an agenda item [1] that includes a quite detailed analysis of some 
issues; I believe it was prepared by T.V. Raman for inclusion in the 
agenda. As usual, minutes of the discussion of these topics is linked from 
the top of the agenda.

I will continue when I have time to look for other old lists of TAG topics 
relating to HTML5. Thank you.



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