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On Dec 2, 2011, at 4:11 AM, Henry S. Thompson wrote:

> Noah Mendelsohn writes:
>> On 12/1/2011 3:20 PM, Jeni Tennison wrote:
>>> *draft*  resolution that somehow never got made into a proper resolution
>>> (though there is no indication in the minutes why):
>> My recollection on this is vague, but it seems we went through several
>> proposed wordings, and it may well be that we decided that we didn't
>> have consensus. It is unfortunate that the record doesn't more clearly
>> indicate why the effort to craft a resolution was dropped.
> I'm pretty sure we _did_ reach consensus.  But maybe I left the call
> with that impression, and it fell apart thereafter. . .

I'm sorry to say the consensus fell apart. IIRC some TAG members objected to my proposed resolution because they wanted to request wording advising that host language media type registrations should lead one to the RDFa Core spec, and then we ran out of time to pursue it further. The topic was closed rapidly and that final disagreement didn't get scribed.

On yesterday's call I decided I wasn't going to be of much further use on this action and asked that the action be transferred to one of the people who objected. Jeni volunteered (although I'm not sure she was one of the objecters).


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