Re: Desktop use of favicons for URI holders

On Dec 2, 2011, at 13:51 , Daniel Appelquist wrote:
> Some work went on in the (cough) widgets work stream on this topic:

Yeah, it's not looking like widgets have the brightest of futures in terms of adoption, but we should definitely pilfer their findings so as to reuse the existing work. As is often the case, the exact shape of the spec might not fit but the problems that were solved shouldn't be solved anew.

> +1 to supporting SVG icons but you also need to allow the developer to choose to use a set of pre-rendered icons at different resolutions.

Right, but the Apple way of specifying precise sizes only works in a controlled environment (and will probably lead to ugly things when even that evolves over time). I think we can simply allow for multiple icons, and provide hints for which should be used at what size/resolution. And this does not necessarily require rasters  you may want differently detailed SVGs for different sizes.

Does anyone object to moving this to This is hardly architectural.

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