Trying to trace back through the status of this, the most recent thing I can see is the minutes of the 27th October telcon [1] in which there is a *draft* resolution that somehow never got made into a proper resolution (though there is no indication in the minutes why):

  RESOLUTION: The TAG concurs with Henry Thompson's analysis of RDFa 
  Core and FYN 
  and its suggestion on wording. Also: the importance of FYN and the need 
  for the HTML media type registration (and spec), and the registrations 
  for any other host languages, to reference RDFa explicitly should be 
  highlighted in the cover e-mail.

It looks from the minutes as though you were planning to put together the appropriate wording in an email that day (!) but I can't see it in either the public or the member-only mailing lists if you did.

You said today that there was some pushback from some people about this. I can't find that either. Can you be more specific about what/where it was? Otherwise, I think that all I need to do is write a summary of Henry's mail to send on.

Let me know,


Jeni Tennison

Received on Thursday, 1 December 2011 20:20:51 UTC