Re: XML base after redirection

On 26.10.2010 14:27, Nathan wrote:
> ...
> Follow up, I've checked in various (latest public stable) browsers which
> use XHR (where /A 3xx /B)
> - Chrome only exposes "/A"
> - Firefox only exposes "/B"
> - Opera only exposes "/A"
> All 3 only expose as part of the DOM Document in responseXML, thus it's
> impossible to get "/B" for non DOM based (responseText) responses which
> may also rely on knowing "/B" for processing / base requirements.
> Would suggest that regardless of the TAG issue this needs clarified and
> handled within the XHR spec and tests added (Anne van Kesteren suggested
> this, also CC'd).
> ...

 From HTTP's point of view, following a redirect means issuing a new 
request, and the sequence of events that lead to that request shouldn't 
really affect the semantics of the last request.

So APIs that automatically follow redirects without exposing sufficient 
metadata IMHO are broken (hopefully we can get this right in XHR2).

Best regards, Julian

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