Re: ACTION-434: Some notes on organizing discussion on WebApps architecture

On Oct 14, 2010, at 2:11 PM, Larry Masinter wrote:

> Well, I wonder if we might introduce another step between
> "resource" and "representation" which is "application resource
> in identified state", so that the representation isn't a
> representation of the resource, but a representation of the
> resource in that state.

Umm, what?  That would be terribly confusing and contrary to
why I used the term representation in the first place (it is a
representation by the origin server to the recipient of the state
of that identified resource at the time of message generation).

You might be thinking of the hypermedia workspace -- the state of
the user agent as it proceeds through an application, which may
include hundreds of representations in various states of modification
or use by the user agent.  Please don't confuse that with resource
state or representation -- it is neither of those.  There is a huge
architectural difference between what is known by the server (and
available to others as a resource) and the current state of one
user agent's workspace.  This is particularly important when the
application uses a special resource to store the workspace state
itself, such that it can be restored or shared with other devices.


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