Re: Generic processing of Fragment IDs in RFC 3023bis

Norman Walsh wrote:
> > * I wanted to make sure we were not introducing incompatibilities in
> > the HTML "polyglot" case, where the same content could be delivered
> > as text/html and as application/xhtml+xml where the overall content
> > had the same result; would this requirement of generic XML
> > processing of fragment identifiers interfere with the use of
> > fragment identifiers as a means of passing parameters to scripting
> > content of text/html.
> When are fragment identifier used for this purpose? I'm not saying it
> can't be done or hasn't been done, but surely the 99.9% case is that
> query parameters are used to pass parameters, not fragment
> identifiers.

I think Larry was referring to fragments driving client-side scripting,
like any w3c slide presentation:

Pretty common use case, so the concern is that RFC 3023bis doesn't make
any changes which aren't compatible if the above link were served using
application/xhtml+xml instead of text/html, if I understand correctly.


Received on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 17:25:25 UTC