Re: URIs, deep linking, framing, adapting and related concerns

Le 30 dc. 2010  06:28, Martin J. Drst a crit :
> As for scripts and styles sheets, first of all these don't serve much of a purpose purely on their own, and second, there are strong arguments such as consistency and caching, for using them by reference rather than by value (in this case, both is possible technology-wise).

not exactly. There are different cases. 

* some images can be in fact included with data uri schemes to avoid HTTP requests dance. They are encoded in base64. A usual trick for CSS designer (the compression is given by gzip)

* Some techniques include CSS positioning where one HTTP request brings a big unique image with a lot of images on it and is positioned with CSS. Avoid HTTP requests, makes a more fluid experience for the user.

one visual symbol (image) != one URI

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