Re: URIs, deep linking, framing, adapting and related concerns

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 5:46 AM, "Martin J. Dürst"
<> wrote:
> If the TAG or some people on the TAG continue to put forward opinions such
> as that it may be perfectly okay to transclude an image with img@src without
> any permission, then this will just continue to hold up progress on the main
> issue, and risks to discredit the TAG.

I think you are referring to me? I put this opinion forward once. You
are saying that if I say it again (on www-tag) - and you have no idea
whether I would at this point, as some water has gone under the bridge
- I would risk discrediting the TAG. First, if what you say it true, I
think I would have to quit the TAG. I wouldn't know how to participate
in a working group like this one if I didn't feel free to express my
opinion. Second, my opinion is that transclusion and the main issue
are (at the current stage of analysis) inseparable, and it will be
difficult to even define what "okay" means in this context, much less
"transclusion", until we're further along.

I do appreciate your examples and analysis. Thanks for taking the time
to help us out.


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