DNS alternatives springing up in response to government-mandated registry updates

 From IT World [1]:

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, US Immigration and Customs 
Enforcement (ICE), the principal investigative arm of the Department of 
Homeland Security (DHS), led an alphabet soup of government agencies in 
seizing the domain names of 82 Web sites (PDF) that ICE said were "engaged 
in the illegal sale and distribution of counterfeit goods and copyrighted 
works" (See: Operation In Our Sites v. 2.0). The seizures were accomplished 
by getting the VeriSign registry, owner of the .com and .net top-level 
domains, to change the authoritative domain-name servers for the seized 
domains to servers controlled by DHS.


Within days of the ICE/DHS seizures, at least three separate initiatives to 
work around the DNS had been announced

Several specific systems are described.  If things like this proliferate, 
it could have a significant impact on the de-facto operation of the Web.


[1] http://www.itworld.com/legal/129947/net-censorship-dns-alternative

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