Re: Draft TAG telcon minutes of 12th August 2010

On Aug 17, 2010, at 7:07 AM, Jonathan Rees wrote:

>   ht: Roy's experience is directly contradicted by XML Core experience
>   (system identifiers, LEIRIs, etc.) - there's quite a bit of
>   commonality
>   <Zakim> ht, you wanted to disagree based on XML COre WG experience
>   ht: we discontinued work on a separate spec because IRIbis was
>   willing to take it on... I think Roy's wrong

I have no problem comparing my experience to that of XML Core and
stating, unequivocally, that they haven't the foggiest notion of
the difference between identifiers and references to identifiers.
Both anyURI and LEIRI attest to that.

In any case, the commonality needed is in regard to how to process
references in the context of various HTML attributes and browser
data entry.  Even if XML has more commonality than HTML in that
regard, it doesn't change what I was talking about and would not
imply that an XML algorithm would be suitable for HTML.


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