Re: XML Schema usage statistics (WAS: Draft minutes of 2009-05-12 TAG weekly)

Hi Rick,

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 8:42 AM,  <> wrote:
> Fatuously, there is only one success criteria: that it should *exist*,
> with equal status to full XSD. Let the individual participants in the
> market decide when they should use the profile and when they should use
> the full.

You earlier said, "there is too much negative criticism about XSD in
the marketplace."

IMHO, I disagree completely.

If you see the "Tools" section of, there
are too too many XSD based tools. This is a proof that most of the
software industry is behind XSD.

You also said, XML Schema 1.1 is not modular.

IMHO, I have a disagreement here also.

If we look at the XSD 1.1 structures spec (ref,

The whole XML content model is described as points, "3 Schema
Component Details". Then we have subsections for each kind of Schema

3.2 Attribute Declarations
3.3 Element Declarations
3.4 Complex Type Definitions
and so on

Then we have at the end of section 3,
3.17 Schemas as a Whole

which summarizes the entire XSD model.

I think this is good modularity. It's just that I have a difference of opinion..

Mukul Gandhi

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