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Subject: Comment on XSD 1.1

> In concrete terms, I propose this:
> 1) A radically simpler schema language, compatible as much as a possible 
> with the current XSD 1.0 syntax, be created. It should have the following 
> properties:
>    ...
>     v) It should have no constraints or requirements for streamable 
> implementation
> 2) A secondary layer which adds:
>    ...
>     iii) Features problematic for databinding and to allow streaming 
> validation would be allowed

I'm not sure how a base layer that is not streamable can have a layer added 
to it that makes it streamable.  Am I missing something?

And my two cents on other issues...
- Restricting the range of integers and length/patterns of strings seems 
useful for the base layer.
- I don't think arbitrary values for minOccurs/maxOccurs (as opposed is ?, , 
*, and +) are a problem.

Which really points to different people wanting different things so 
sub-setting XSD into layers is going to be a problem.  It's probably best to 
start afresh.  I that respects I agree with Michael's sentiments of letting 
XSD 1.1 go forwards and then working on something new.


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