Agenda for W3C TAG teleconference of 2 April 2009 (CORRECTED)

The agenda for the TAG teleconference of 2 April 2009 is available at 
[1,2], and is copied in text form below.  The version circulated earlier 
this afternoon retained an erroneous reference to the draft finding for 
ISSUE-60.  That is corrected here.




Noah Mendelsohn 
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              Agenda of 02 April 2009 TAG teleconference

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   Tracker ([7]handling new issues) - [8]www-tag archive - [9]tag
    1. Convene
          + Chair: Noah, Scribe: Larry (unconfirmed)
          + Roll call -- Regrets: none
          + Note future regrets: Raman (April 9, 16, 23) Henry (April
            9) Tim (April 23rd)
          + Agenda Review - [10]this agenda
          + Next Telcon: Propose 9 April 2009; Chair: Noah; Scribe:
          + Future scribes: Jonathan > Dan > Ashok > Larry
    2. Approval of Minutes from previous telcons and meetings
          + [11]Face to face meeting 3-5 March 2009
               o Henry [12]warns (member-only) of a questionable edit
                 in transcript for 4 March
               o Possible error in table of contents for Wed. 4 March
          + [13]26th March 2009 Henry promises these for afternoon of
            the 31st -- URI will be updated as necessary.
    3. Administrative items (Brief)
          + Reminder that chair has sent a [14]summary of materials
            relating to TAG priorities and a [15]request that the next
            round of discussions of goals and priorities be done using
            email, starting now.
    4. Planning TAG Autumn F2F
          + Background:
               o TAG has tentatively agreed to meet half-days on Monday
                 and Friday of Santa Clara TPAC in November if W3C
                 decides to hold that meeting.
               o Sentiment on 26 March call was that we need a more
                 proper 2-3 day Autumn meeting in addition to TPAC.
               o Some members have requested we decide soon.
               o Chair suggests late Sept or October, Silicon Valley
                 — host TBD (on the theory that the June meeting is
                 East Coast)
    5. webApplicationState-60 ([16]ISSUE-60): Web Application State
          + Background:
               o [17]Request from T.V. Raman that we publish this as a
                 W3C Working Draft.
               o Raman then prepared the following for consideration as
                 content of the working draft: [18]State in Web
                 application design (Version: 19 April 2006)
               o Henry promises draft formatted per pubrules in time
                 for the call
          + Goals:
               o Decide to publish a W3C working draft.
    6. UniformAccessToMetadata-62 ([19]ISSUE-62): Metadata
          + Discussion will be led by: Jonathan Rees (unconfirmed)
          + Background:
               o Pursuant to [20]ACTION-227, Jonathan Rees prepared
                 [21]a survey of issues relating to metadata.
               o See email thread starting with [22]Jonathan's
                 announcement of the survey document.
          + Goals:
               o Review Jonathan's draft.
               o Decide what, if anything, the TAG should do in the
                 area of metadata.
    7. CURIEs in RDFa, @rel, and the HTML profile attribute
          + Discussion will be led by: John Kemp (unconfirmed)
          + Background:
               o The TAG been [23]asked to help resolve concerns with
                 the use of CURIEs in RDFa and with the HTML profile
               o See also the very long email thread that began with an
                 [24]email message from Mark Nottingham to www-tag
                 titled "Using XMLNS in link/@rel", which in turn led
                 to a message to the public-html list from Julian
                 Reschke titled [25]@rel syntax in RDFa (relevant to
                 ISSUE-60 discussion), was: Using XMLNS in link/@rel.
                 The long thread starts with that; early messages in
                 the thread were not cross-posted to www-tag, but later
                 ones were (starting with [26]this one).
               o [27]ACTION-240 on John Kemp: read thread on RDFa,
                 CURIEs and profile and summarize

                 b/0295.html -- due 2009-03-21 -- OPEN.
          + Goals:
               o Review www-tag discussion of this issue
               o Decide what steps, if any, the TAG wants to take to
                 help the community resolve these concerns.
    8. contentTypeOverride-24 ([29]ISSUE-24):
          + Discussion will be led by: Dan Connolly (confirmed)
          + Background:
               o Dan Connolly [30]suggests that we discuss the draft
                 [31]Content-Type Processing Model, by Ian Hickson and
                 Adam Barth; the draft proposes interoperable rules for
                 Content-type "sniffing" in browsers. Note that the
                 draft acknowledges at one point that it is in "...
                 willful violation of the HTTP specification.
               o [33]ACTION-233 on Larry Masinter: Report back from
                 IETF/HTML liaison meeting in March regarding MIME type
                 override - due 2009-03-11 - open
               o [34]ACTION-236 on Noah Mendelsohn: Schedule discussion
                 of the stress on media types imposed by client-side
                 synthesised[sic] content - due 2009-04-09 - open
          + Goals:
               o Update TAG on IETF liaison wrt the Content-Type
                 Processing Model draft.
               o Solicit TAG reviews.
    9. HTML
          + Background:
               o Discussion on 26 March telcon of HTML progress at W3C
                 Advisory Committee meeting. link to be supplied when
                 minutes are available
               o Dan Connolly and Michael Sperberg-McQueen draft
                 [35]Web addresses in HTML 5, which is factored from
                 the HTML 5 draft. (see [36]email from Dan announcing
                 the draft).
               o [37]ACTION-253 on Dan Connolly: Brief the TAG on
                 progress on \"web addresses in HTML\" draft - due
                 2009-04-01 - open ([38]ISSUE-27)
               o This seems also to relate to [39]ACTION-188 on Dan
                 Connolly: Investigate the URL/IRI/Larry Masinter
                 possible resolution of the URL/HTML5 issue. - due
                 2009-03-17 - closed.
          + Goals:
               o Discuss [40]Web addresses in HTML 5.
   10. XMLVersioning-41 ([41]ISSUE-41).
          + Background:
               o The TAG had earlier decided not to actively pursue
                 development of the finding on versioning.
               o HTML working group action 108 [42]requests that the
                 TAG consider HTML when working on versioning
               o Thread starting with [43]John Kemp email on updating
                 AWWW good practice note on versioning
               o At 23 March 2009 AC meeting there was at least an
                 informal sense that the AC wanted the TAG to help with
                 the extensibility issue, primarily in the context of
                 HTML. Tim took an action (from the AC, not the TAG) to
                 see that the TAG takes a look at this.
               o [44]Chair's message summarizing status of Versioning
                 work at the TAG (sent 24 March 2009) includes the
                    # The drafts that Dave Orchard spent several years
                      helping us to write will be published as W3C
                      notes, with an effort made to incorporate the
                    # Larry is going to drive a review on how the TAG
                      might be helpful to the HTML community with
                      respect to extensibility and versioning
                    # John and Noah will explore revisions to the AWWW,
                      which currently [45]advises "A data format
                      specification SHOULD provide for version
                      information." Noah wrote a [46]TAG blog entry
                      awhile ago questioning the wisdom of that advice.
                    # Many TAG members seem to feel that Jonathan's
                      work on formalism is promising, but except for
                      encouraging Dave Orchard to include it in the
                      W3C, we at this time have no formal activity
                      scheduled to follow up on the formalism.
               o The following TAG actions are open or pending under
                    # [47]ACTION-183 (David Orchard) Incorporate
                      formalism into versioning compatibility
                      strategies. Due 3 March 2009. Pending review
                      Jonathan reports that he and David have decided
                      not to incorporate the formalism after all, so we
                      need to consider fate of the formalism work.
                    # [48]ACTION-229 (Noah Mendelsohn) Noah to respond
                      to John Kemp proposal of Feb 17 on versioning.
                      Due 14 April 2009. Pending review
                    # [49]ACTION-241 (Larry Masinter) Larry Masinter to
                      Review TAG versioning situation and report back
                      to TAG and HTML - due 2009-03-12, open
          + Goals:
               o Decide whether, given the above background, we want to
                 again work actively on versioning, and if so, with
                 what specific goals.
               o Review status of TAG actions. At very least, establish
                 follow up on thread started with John Kemp's 17 Feb.
                 message, and then close [50]ACTION-229.
   11. Pending Review Items:
          + [51]Pending review actions in [52]Tracker
   12. Overdue Action Items:
          + [53]Overdue actions in [54]Tracker
   13. Any other business



















































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