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What if a single resource needs description resources that are  
consumed by different applications, but there is no way to combine the  
two DRs into one document, and they cannot be distinguished by media  

Not a problem if the DRs use RDF, but you are not limiting DRs to RDF.

Registering a new media type for each application is not practical.

Perhaps you could parameterize DRD by the link relation - that is,  
where you now say "describedby", put a variable that takes on a  
different value for each application. Then you could use one link  
relation for A (POWDER) and another for B (XRD).

The link-extension feature of Link: (and link-pattern?) might also  
help here, although I'm not sure how that would work with <link>.



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> Please discuss on the list.
> For those who have read previous revisions (thanks!), please note  
> that except for Appendix B, the rest of the spec was significantly  
> changed and a fresh read is recommended.
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>         Title           : Link-based Resource Descriptor Discovery
>         Author(s)       : E. Hammer-Lahav
>         Filename        : draft-hammer-discovery-02.txt
>         Pages           : 25
>         Date            : 2009-02-12
> This memo describes a process for obtaining information about a
> resource identified by a URI.  The 'information about a resource', a
> resource descriptor, provides machine-readable information that aims
> to increase interoperability and enhance the interaction with the
> resource.  This memo only defines the process for locating and
> obtaining the descriptor, but leaves the descriptor format and its
> interpretation out of scope.
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