Re: @rel syntax in RDFa (relevant to ISSUE-60 discussion), was: Using XMLNS in link/@rel

Karl Dubost wrote:
> Le 1 mars 2009 à 09:54, Henri Sivonen a écrit :
>> Now, to put an actual technical proposal in here:
>> I suggest changing RDFa to use full IRIs instead of CURIEs. Then, 
>> suggest making it a conformance requirement for rel in both text/html 
>> and application/xhtml+xml that a rel token MUST NOT contain a colon or 
>> MUST be an absolute IRI and MUST NOT start with the string 
>> "". Authors SHOULD NOT mint 
>> relation IRIs that differ only in case.
> After discussing with henri this [morning (EST) on IRC][1], a possible 
> solution for solving the issue without creating too much hurdles for 
> authors and spec would be to use urn.
>     urn:dc:title
> is a URI and as henri mentioned, "one could register a URI scheme for dc".

If a URI scheme for dc were registered, HTML5 could treat 'xmlns:dc' 
attributes as talismans, and treat as conformance errors cases where 
such attributes have a value that differs from 

- Sam Ruby

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