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Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 11 June 2009

From: <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 18:35:56 -0400
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The agenda for the TAG's teleconferrence of 11 June 2009 is available at 
[1,2].  A text-only copy is attached below.  Thank you.


[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/tag-weekly
[2] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2009/06/11-agenda

Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

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   June 2009

      [1] http://www.w3.org/
      [2] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/
      [3] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2009/05/21-agenda

               Agenda of 11 June 2009 TAG teleconference

   Nearby: [4]Teleconference details - [5]issues list and [6]Issue
   Tracker ([7]handling new issues) - [8]www-tag archive - [9]tag
    1. Convene
          + Chair: Noah, Scribe: Dan Connolly (confirmed)
          + Roll call -- Regrets: Ashok, Henry, Tim, Larry
          + Note future regrets: Larry (June 2 -> just before F2F),
            Raman (F2F)
          + Agenda Review - [10]this agenda
          + Next Telcon: 18 June 2009 Chair: Noah; Scribe: Ashok
            Malhotra (unconfirmed)
          + Future scribes: John -> Jonathan -> Larry
    2. Approval of Minutes from previous telcons and meetings
          + [11]28 May 2009
    3. Administrative items (Brief)
          + Sam Ruby is joining us on today's telcon for discussion of
          + Reminder that a [12]Call for Exclusions has been sent for
            patents relating to the [13]First Public Working Draft of
            our Finding on Usage Patterns For Client-Side URL
          + Reminder that chair has sent a [14]summary of materials
            relating to TAG priorities and a [15]request that the next
            round of discussions of goals and priorities be done using
            email, starting now. So far, only [16]Tim has responded.
          + Reminder of future F2F meetings:
               o 23-25 June 2009 @ MIT - Link to draft agenda to be
                 supplied ([17]local arrangements - W3C member-only)
               o 22-24 Sept 2009 @ MIT
    4. TagSoupIntegration-54 ([18]ISSUE-54) and liaison with HTML
       working group
          + HTML Working Group chair Sam Ruby will be joining us for
            this discussion
          + Background:
               o On teleconference of 28 May 2009, the chair was
                 [19]asked to invite HTML WG chair Sam Ruby to join us
                 on a TAG telcon soon, and/or to invite him to call in
                 to one of our F2F sessions.
               o Efforts at AC meeting, etc., to bring HTML5 and XHTML
                 communities together
               o [20]Draft on versioning and HTML (originally prepared
                 by Larry Masinter; checked into W3C URI space by
                 Jonathan Rees ([21]announcement email). NOTE: this
                 document has not been reviewed in detail by other TAG
                 members; it does not represent consensus of the TAG.
               o [22]Microdata section in [23]HTML 5 Draft
          + Goals:
               o Get an update from Sam on areas of mutual interest,
                 including efforts to bring HTML5/XHTML communities,
                 RDFa discussions, etc.
               o Briefly review with Sam the work is doing in areas of
                 potential interest for HTML
               o Explore how the TAG can be most helpful to the HTML WG
                 and associated community
               o Review with Sam the TAG's tentative explorations of
                 language versioning in the context of HTML (next
    5. LanguageVersioning-41 (formerly XMLVersioning-41)
          + Background (recent):
               o [25]ACTION-272 - Report back to the TAG on outcome of
                 collaboration with LM on Versioning - on Jonathan Rees
                 - Due on: 2009-06-04
               o [26]Draft on versioning and HTML (originally prepared
                 by Larry Masinter; checked into W3C URI space by
                 Jonathan Rees ([27]announcement email). NOTE: this
                 document has not been reviewed in detail by other TAG
                 members; it does not represent consensus of the TAG.
          + Background (older reference material):
               o Larry Masinter email [28]update ISSUE-41, including
                 announcement that Larry has "renamed this issue from
                 'XML Versioning' to 'Language Versioning', updated the
                 description, and added a note about the direction [he
                 hopes] our discussion will take" (29 April 2009)
               o Larry Masinter email [29]Versioning and HTML - recap
                 (1 May 2009)
               o [30]Chair's message summarizing status of versioning
                 work in the TAG (sent 24 March 2009).
               o [31]Sam Ruby blog posting on HTML reunification
               o [32]Larry Masinter review of TAG work on versioning
               o [33]9 April 2009 TAG teleconference discussion of
                 versioning and 16 April 2009 TAG teleconference
                 discussion of versioning (minutes not yet available).
               o HTML working group action 108 [34]requests that the
                 TAG consider HTML when working on versioning
               o The TAG had earlier decided not to actively pursue
                 development of the finding on versioning.
               o TAG Blog posting: [35]Version Identifiers Reconsidered
               o Thread starting with [36]John Kemp email on updating
                 AWWW good practice note on versioning
               o At 23 March 2009 AC meeting there was at least an
                 informal sense that the AC wanted the TAG to help with
                 the extensibility issue, primarily in the context of
                 HTML. Tim took an action (from the AC, not the TAG) to
                 see that the TAG takes a look at this.
               o The following TAG actions are open or pending under
                    # [37]ACTION-272 - Report back to the TAG on
                      outcome of collaboration with LM on Versioning -
                      on Jonathan Rees - Due on: 2009-06-04
          + Goals:
               o Review progress on ACTION 272
               o Continue consideration of Larry's [38]recap note
               o Try to move toward framing discussion of versioning,
                 in the context of HTML, for the June F2F
    6. F2F Agenda Planning
          + Background
               o [39]ACTION-271 Work with jar to draft strawman agenda
                 for F2F - due 28 May 2009 (unclear whether a draft
                 will be ready for discussion on Thurs. Will make best
                 effort. [Noah])
               o [40]Discussion of F2F planning from 28 May 2009
               o List of [41]open actions
               o Chair promises to have first draft agenda in time for
                 review on the call
          + Goals
               o Review and refine the draft F2F agenda
    7. Should the TAG look into architectural issues relating to APIs?
          + Background
               o [42]ACTION-273 Carry forward framing issues around
                 Archicture of APIs, with help from JK and LM - on
                 Ashok Malhotra - Due 4 June 2009 - OPEN
               o [43]ACTION-274 See if I can reconstruct a discussion
                 with tlr where present course and speed will lead to
                 GET-based links becoming regarded as unsafe - on Dan
                 Connolly - PENDING REVIEW
               o [44]Caja A source-to-source translator for securing
                 Javascript-based web content (and similar
                 architectures being considered for standardization in
          + Goals
               o Review progress made by Ashok, John, and Larry in
                 framing issues relating to Architecture of APIs for
                 the Web
               o Determine whether this should be a serious are of
                 focus for the TAG, and whether to devote time to it at
                 the upcoming F2F.
               o Assign responsibility for next steps.
    8. Pending Review Items:
          + [45]Pending review actions in [46]Tracker
    9. Overdue Action Items:
          + [47]Overdue actions in [48]Tracker
   10. Any other business

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    Noah Mendelsohn for TAG
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