Re: Can "" and "" URIs represent different things?

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 8:54 PM, Dan Brickley<> wrote:
> Hello TAG,
> Talking with some SW folk about OpenID, and whether my "me-the-person" URI
> could be practically usable as my OpenID, I came up with this corner-case:
> Could be a URI for "me the person", and
> be a document about me (and also serve as my OpenID)?
> As I understand HTTP, any client must request something, so the former isn't
> directly de-referencable. The client has to decide to ask for / from
> instead. But they're still different URIs, aren't they?
> Is...
> <Person  xmlns:foaf=""/
>         rdf:about="">
>  <openid>
>    <Document rdf:about=""/>
>  </openid>
> </Person>
> all feasible? I guess it depends on how exactly we think about the
> "add a / to the end" step...

>From an RDF point of view the URI strings are different means that
they can denote different things.

I guess the question I have about this is: Why be so "clever"?


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