Graham Klyne wrote:
> Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
>> In general POSTs to arbitrary things.   The case of POST to a list 
>> page creating a new page (from the posted content) and creating a 
>> entry in the list linking to the new content (like net news) I have 
>> not really seen used.
> Isn't this exactly what AtomPub (and hence a system like Google Data) does?

It is.

> It's certainly something that I'm planning to use in a data curation 
> project I'm
> working on.
> I raise this as I'm mildly concerned by a possible implication that this 
> isn't
> really a good design, and that I'm oblivious to a better way to achieve 
> this goal.
> ...

No, using POST to add to a collection is the right thing to do. An 
alternative is PUT, in case you want to allow the client to specify the 
name of the new sub resource.

BR, Julian

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