Re: Historical - Re: Proposed IETF/W3C task force: "Resource meaning" Review of new HTTPbis text for 303 See Other

Tim Berners-Lee <>, 2009-08-01 22:14 -0400:

>  I would like to see what the documents all look like if edited to use the 
>  words Document and Thing, and eliminate Resource. That's my best bet as to 
>  two english words which mean as close as we can get to what we want. Note 
>  however that the web is a new system, a design in which new concepts are 
>  created, so we can't expect english words to exist to capture exactly the 
>  concepts. So we take those nearby and abuse them as little as we can as far 
>  as we can tell at the time, and then write them in initial caps to recognize 
>  that that is what we have done.

I wonder if Content and Thing or Contents and Things might also
work. And when it's necessary to refer to non-Things in singular,
"an instance of Content". (I do realize that's a lot more
cumbersome than Document.)


Michael(tm) Smith

Received on Sunday, 2 August 2009 05:43:09 UTC