Re: Treatment of RDFa in TAG Finding on Self-describing Web wrote:
> Can you show me the chain of normative speficiations, starting with the 
> registration for the media type, that passes through (will pass through) 
> that updated XHTML namespace document?

I am not knowledgeable enough about these specs to provide the full
path, but I am a little bit confused, because I'm pretty sure this is a
path the W3C has traveled before.

Specifically, GRDDL allows for interpretation of RDF triples using a
namespace-based transformation:

We're effectively adding a GRDDL namespace-transformation pointer from
the XHTML namespace. That transformation implements RDFa. I don't think
we're asking processors to do anything different in terms of FYN than
what GRDDL does.

But maybe I'm missing something?


Received on Saturday, 13 September 2008 02:24:57 UTC