Re: Treatment of RDFa in TAG Finding on Self-describing Web

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> As I have mentioned previously on this list, I am trying to wrap up the
> TAG finding on the Self-Describing Web [1], and the major unresolved
> question is whether there is a chain of normative specifications,
> presumably starting with the media type registration for
> application/xhtml+xml [2], that justifies the inference of RDF triples in
> an XHTML document that uses RDFa.

Hi Noah.

The RFC for application/xhtml+xml says

       With respect to XHTML Modularization [XHTMLMOD] and the existence
       of XHTML based languages (referred to as XHTML family members)
       that are not XHTML 1.0 conformant languages, it is possible that
       'application/xhtml+xml' may be used to describe some of these

"RDFa in XHTML: Syntax and Processing" (which uses XHTML Modularization)  

	XHTML+RDFa documents SHOULD be labeled with the Internet Media Type  
"application/xhtml+xml" as defined in [RFC3236].

and further

	There SHOULD be a @version attribute on the html element with the value  
"XHTML+RDFa 1.0"

(Note that XHTML+RDFa is the first version of XHTML that doesn't require a  
DTD declaration to identify itself. That notwithstanding, there is also a  
DTD available, since current browsers use the existence of a DTD  
declaration to switch itself into Standards Mode).

And of course, "RDFa in XHTML: Syntax and Processing" also says it is OK  
to extract RDF from such documents.

I hope this meets your requirements.

Best wishes,

Steven Pemberton

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