TAG recommends against XRI

In The Architecture of the World Wide Web [1] the TAG sets out the reasons why http: URIs are the foundation of the value proposition for the Web, and should be used for naming on the Web.  The TAG has reviewed XRIs twice, once in a previous draft [2] and more recently the XRI Resolution draft of [3] and on both occasions we raised a number of questions with the OASIS XRI TC [4], [5].

The TAG's work in this area is ongoing.  For further information see
ISSUE-50: URNsAndRegistries [6].

We are not satisfied that XRIs provide functionality not readily available from http: URIs.  Accordingly the TAG recommends against taking the XRI specifications forward, or supporting the use of XRIs as identifiers in other specifications.

Tim Berners-Lee and Stuart Williams, co-chairs, W3C Technical Architecture Group

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Received on Wednesday, 21 May 2008 10:01:25 UTC