Re: reference needed - versioned documents

At 4:28 PM -0400 3/28/08, Jonathan Rees wrote:
>Could someone please point me to the memo that explains the naming 
>policy used by that prescribes that dereferencing
>always gives the same thing but
>might not?

I believe the rationale is that both of them give the "same thing", 
but different things. The dated URI always gives you the version of 
the publication which was published on the date in question. The 
undated URI always gives you the version of the publication which is 
most current on the date you de-reference the URI. You might say that 
the first gives you a dated draft, the second gives you the actual 
publication. Actual publication are entities that are themselves, of 
course, subject to change: but the change is not in the reference 
mapping from the URI to the publication, but in the publication 
itself. The very same publication might look different on one date 
from how it looks on another, c.f. a blog or a newspaper.

I am pretty sure that this is indeed explained in a W3C note 
somewhere, but I can't get hold of it right at present.



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