Re: Uniform access to descriptions

Thanks, I've added your 303 and #-truncation solutions to the wiki page.

As you have pointed out we're still short on articulated use cases. I  
had thought that by asking for them I'd receive them, but it looks  
like it's going to be a bit more work than that. Phil Archer has said  
that he will send a POWDER use case, I have asked Mark Nottingham for  
an Atom use case, and I will write down the publishing use case that  
I have in mind. And maybe with some encouragement Patrick Stickler  
will tell us how he actually uses URIQA.

Since you clearly like the 303/#-truncation idea, perhaps you can  
describe some use cases (particular data/metadata/server/client  
scenarios) that illustrate why you would bother to explain this  
solution, as opposed to just saying "why would you want to do that".  
Pretty much any use of semantic web follow-your-nose would do the  
trick, I think. I would expect that any use case that is addressed by  
your solution would also be amenable to any of the other solutions as  


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