Re: Usage Patterns For Hash In URLs

Hi Raman:
I like this paper.  It's good to document how people are using URI 
syntax in innovative ways.
But I find the material a bit thin.  I few more examples would be good.  
I thought that at the f2f
Noah had an example re. Google Maps but I cannot recollect the details.

If we had a few more examples, perhaps some sort of guidance would fall 
out of them.

All the best, Ashok

T.V Raman wrote:

>A few months ago, I initiated some discussion on www-tag
>regarding the various usage patterns one observes on the Web with
>respect to hash in URLs. That discussion led to the creation of a
>related TAG issue --- and as a follow-up, here is an early draft
>of what will hopefully turn into a useful finding.
>Please find it at 
> (generic handle)
> (dated
>Feel free to forward to other working groups and mailing lists
>--- at this point the goal is to gather different usage patterns.

All the best, Ashok

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