Re: Proposed rewrite for section 3.1

On Mar 21, 2008, at 2:04 AM, Leo Sauermann wrote:
> It is important to understand that using URIs, it is possible to  
> identify both a thing (which exists outside of the web) and a web  
> document describing the thing.

I think you should say "which may exist" instead of "which exists",  
as web documents are legitimate things and may themselves have  
descriptions. (I think Tim said this on the call.) It's important at  
each step to be consistent with the idea that there are lots of  
things, and some but not all of those things are web documents.

> In HTTP, a 200 response code should be sent when a Web document has  
> been accessed, a different setup is needed ...

I think you are missing a word here, perhaps "because": "In HTTP,  
because a 200 response code..."


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