Re: Uniform access to descriptions

I concur that people seem to be missing the point. I agree with you  
that we can support multiple mechanisms, as long as they are well  


On Mar 20, 2008, at 3:44 PM, Harry Halpin wrote:

> I am a bit surprised everyone missed the point of my previous e-mail,
> which is to allow whatever solution exists to be done on three  
> distinct
> levels (maybe four given above problem): the level of the HTTP header,
> the level of RDF, and the level of HTML, both in the header and in the
> body. All these techniques should be equivalent, i.e. any RDF/RDFa
> parser should sniff all three. This is a RDF problem mostly I  
> think, but
> could be useful in other contexts as well, although implementation
> details are a bit trickier outside RDF world (in RDF world, we should
> just have these triples retrieved).

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